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Just read the ENTIRE "What's the point of this" thread

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But informative. I had read bits and pieces before, but I bit the bullet and read it all. Why should anyone care? Because it really helped me understand the situation. About how BCs should be bred for herding ability first, second, third and last. It gave me food for thought re: the AKC conformation Ch.s being removed from the ABCA books. I probably could have worked out why that was a good thing on my own - but it would have taken awhile.


It also helped bring into focus just how ludicrous the whole conformation show "thing" is. I always knew it was weird - but I didn't realize how downright dangerous it was. As many of you know, I did a lot of time in Collie rescue. I used to scratch my head at a lot of things - dogs sleeping on the grooming table while someone spent hours turning their coat into meringue. (And these were Collies - not poodles)


Listening to three or four women who might charitably described as chunky agonizing over an 8 oz weigh gain on a dingy little Rough bitch in an x-pen. at their feet. (And before somebody goes to bristling about me picking on fat people, let me say that I'm fatter than any of those women, but that is changing - steadily and very gratifyingly - as I have controlled my diabetes.)


Reading the thread taught me a lot. And this leads me to believe that I am probably not alone. The exchange between Pearse and Eileen starting with "This is a stupid argument" was worth the "price of admission"all by itself - and very instructive. I learned from both parties.


It may or may not be a stupid argument, but I for one am glad it got argued. It helped me. Score one for the BC Boards, and thanks so much to all the posters on that thread.

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