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8 months old puppy in a fear period

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I have a short hair border collie. I got him when he was 10 weeks old, but then my mother got sick and I had to leave him several places bor boarding. After a month he started barking to kids and sometimes some people. I tried to socialize him as much as possible. It worked and he was fine with kids, people and other dogs. When he was 6,5 months old he started to bark male dogs," even now he hates male dogs" thats why I neutered him. But now he started to being agressive again. He is barking and trying to bite people, kids. he is barking at door when he is at home. He is being agressive even he knows someone. I have read that dogs have fear period when they are about 8 months old. Do you have any experience like that? I feel so sorry for him. I would like to take him to parks and to my friends hauses like before but I am not sure if this situation is temporary.

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This is DEFINITELY NOT a 'temporary' situation or something he will simply grow out of. This is something I strongly recommend you see a behaviorist for, so you can start him on a training program right away, and learn how to handle his behavior. If this continues to go unaddressed, it could potentially escalate into him really hurting people, even yourself.


Look for a trainer who is a certified behaviorist, and who will come to you and help you train your dog in your home and in the situations he is having difficulties.

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