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Ok guys, I just have to ask if anyone else has a dog that lies down like JJ.


He will be standing square looking at you, you ask him to lie down and he just drops back on his hunches and folds down and back. When he gets up it is just the reverse. It's kinda funny to watch, it's like watching an easel fold up and then back out.


I hope you get the visual, his front feet do not change position, he does not go into a sit, he does not drop his body straight down like Jake, his body slide back over his hind legs and down then he lifts with his hind legs and comes back up, it is like he is folding and unfolding and not using his front legs to help him up or down.


I keep wondering if something is wrong with him...other then being a dork.

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In training class (family dog/puppy) we called that the "sphinx" down, versus the down where the pup/dog sits first and then moves the front feet out in front of it as it lowers its body.


This type of folding down is a very typical Border Collie down. I think some folks call it "clapping" (as in a "clappy" dog that goes down often and fast, rather than staying on its feet - but I may be confusing that with too much eye).


A friend's dog, another breed that trains on stock, always does the sit/down sort of down, and while he is very obedient about it, this sort of down always makes me feel like he's being reluctant and downing as slow as possible while still being "obedient". However, I think that may just be my interpretation!

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Thanks Sue, Sphinx sounds cool!!


I guess I had a different visual on a dog that is clappy, btw, on sheep he would rather stay on his feet unless there is a lot of pressure, then he will lower his front end but leave his butt in the air, here he is 1/2 way down with butt in the air:



(btw, cow hocked...)

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LOL! That's the first thing I thought when I looked at the picture, given the discussion on the other thread.... You better get rid of him before he breaks down. :rolleyes:




If anyone wants to save him we can make arrangements...I'm hoping that he will widen out once he matures, but right now, narrow front ended, long legged, tall, lanky...but he does know how to use his tail correctly...and those ears...

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