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I am just looking for some health info for one of my dogs ancestors. Mainly I am curious to see how they score on their hips and if they were tested for CEA and CL and if they passed. And if you DO know them can you tell me what colors were they. (I would like to see how colors were passed down) I think some of these dog weren't around when scoring came out tho...


These are the dogs I am looking for:


Most are ISDS register. If they were in the USA i would check with OFA but I am not sure what the other side of the ocean uses or their system.


Paddy Byrne's Sam ISDS 197749


Dowdall's Dell ISDS 187939


Scott ISDS 166605


Ace ISDS 182886


Pip ISDS 124578 - Int & Irish Driving Ch 1988 - Int & Irish Driving Ch 1988 -Irish Driving Ch 1989


Abba ISDS 154515


Imp. Sue ABC 247990


Aled Owen Bob ISDS 224454 -World Sheepdog Trials Champion 2002 -Int Supreme Ch 2000


Mist ISDS 217780


Carl ISDS 188967


Nell ISDS 171678

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