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Is Thin Fur Common in Post-Pregnancy?

Allie Oop

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I have a 2 - 3 yr. old BC at my house who apparently whelped a litter sometime in the last 6 weeks or so. She was pulled from a shelter after being there for several weeks. (No sign of any puppies, however. :rolleyes: ) I know I lost a bunch of hair after I had my son - many, many moons ago, but is it common in dogs?


Trina is a pretty little red & white BC/BCx (doesn't have much pink pigment on nose), but her fur is very, very thin in spots and she is blowing coat like crazy. Also has slightly irritated spots on the webbing between her toes. (Her feet make me think she has something other than BC mixed in, although she looks a lot like my Rusty. She has very big feet and webbing between the toes). Doesn't really look like mange to me, but I'll have the vet check. She got a bath tonight and lost a bunch more hair, my son brushed her good, too.


Post-pregnancy? Stress? She was picked up as a stray, so nutrition and crappy food are definitely an issue, but I've never dealt with a post-pregnant female before so I want to make sure she gets what she needs. (Vet set up for tomorrow.)


Trina's "Mug Shot"



View of Trina's Coat (After her Shampoo)


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Yes, hair loss is fairly common. All the nutrients go to the pups, and the mom's hair tends to get kind of brittle and seems to "break off." It will come back as her resources replenish,


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