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Strang Ranch Sheepdog Trial


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The first annual Strang Ranch Sheepdog Trial, held in beautiful Carbondale, Colorado, on October 16–18, 2009, was a challenging dress rehearsal for the USBCHA National Finals to be held in 2011. Located at 7,000 feet in the hills above the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley, with stunning views of Mount Sopris and the West Elk Mountain Range as a backdrop, Strang Ranch will be the site of the 2011 National Finals competition. The rolling terrain created a difficult course for the competitors, who hailed from all over Colorado and surrounding states, and as far away as North Carolina, but the challenging range ewes, provided by Calvin Roberts, were even and worked well for those dogs who handled them correctly. Classes included Open, Open Ranch, Pro-Novice, Novice-Novice, and Juniors, and the weather couldn't have been better—it was cool and crisp in the morning and about 60 degrees in the afternoon.




The 2011 National Finals will be co-hosted by Strang Ranch and Aspen Valley Land Trust (AVLT), along with the 2011 National Sheepdog Finals Committee. The partnership of AVLT, Strang Ranch, and the National Sheepdog Finals is a natural fit. AVLT has conserved Strang Ranch in conservation easement with the intent of "permanently conserving open space for agricultural, scenic vistas, wildlife habitat and recreational use." AVLT will be the primary benefiting and sponsoring charitable organization for the 2011 National Sheepdog Finals.


Strang Ranch is a family-owned and -run business. It is a working cattle ranch and a sport horse breeding operation as well as a busy equestrian center, hosting many hunter/jumper and dressage shows clinics and daily lessons. The ranch lies on 460 acres of irrigated and pasture land, and is only 10–20 minutes from the towns of Carbondale, Basalt, and Glenwood Springs, and 30 minutes from Aspen. The Roaring Fork Valley is host to world-class restaurants, fantastic hiking, biking, and rafting, and September is still a good time for those activities. We hope many of you will come and enjoy this wonderful valley in September 2011.


Next fall, Strang Ranch plans to host an Open and Nursery trial. Further information, including the exact dates of the trial, will be posted in the coming months.


For more information, contact Bridget Strang, Ellen Nieslanik, or Dan Keeton.

Website: http://www.sheepdogfinals.com (under development)

Email: 2011finals@gmail.com

Mail: Strang Ranch National Sheepdog Finals, PO Box 302, Meeker, Colorado 81641


For a closer look at Strang Ranch, visit http://www.strangranch.com.



Results 2009 Strang Ranch Sheepdog Trial

Judge: Amelia Smith


OPEN – Friday, October 16, 2009 (20 dogs)

Jim Swift Zac 81

Larry Adams Raid 73

Libby Neider Lyn 66

Jim Swift Molly 61

Terri Warner Kep 59

Larry Adams Mirk 58

Libby Nieder Sidney 58

Maury Harris Brie 57

Mike Furcolow Lad 55

Maureen Scott Robinson Lizard 55


OPEN RANCH – Friday, October 16, 2009 (16 dogs)

Maury Harris Glen 43

Marianne Sasak Dot 38

Lise Andersen Mack 34

Sean Casey Maisey 26

Bridget Strang Rose 25


OPEN – Saturday, October 17, 2009 (21 dogs)

Melinda Brenimer Finn 93

Larry Adams Raid 89

Libby Nieder Lyn 84

Jim Swift Molly 79

Jim Swift Zac 76

Maury Harris Brie 70

Terri Warner Gabby 70

Libby Nieder Sydney 64

Maureen Scott Robinson Newt 55

Terri Warner Ross 48


OPEN RANCH – Saturday, October 17, 2009 (17 dogs)

Corey Anderson Leksi 59

Sean Casey Maisey 48

Loreli Judd Molly 45

Loreli Judd Flash 37

Lise Andersen Mack 37


PRO NOVICE – Sunday, October 18, 2009

TRIAL 1 (10 dogs)

Bridget Strang Rose 66

Ellen Nieslanik Nell 61

Laura Esterman Taz 53

TRIAL 2 (10 dogs)

Sue Chisholm Gael 57

Diana Rollings Larkin 54


NOVICE-NOVICE – Sunday October 18, 2009

TRIAL 1 (9 dogs)

Deb Terry Peg 65

Bridget Strang Treat 57

Susan Squires Bailey 45

TRIAL 2 (9 dogs)

Deb Terry Peg 71

Sandi Jones Chloe 51


JUNIORS – Sunday, October 18, 2009

TRIAL 1 (2 dogs)

Corey Anderson Skip 64

Tina LePlatt Clair 45

TRIAL 2 (2 dogs)

Corey Anderson Skip 66

Tina LePlatt Clair 58

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