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UTI, bladder infection...?

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On saturday I noticed Bonnie was urinating more frequently and licking herself and just not quite herself. So I had a look at her and noticed some blood and pus like discharge around her vulva. So took her to the vet Sunday morning (new vet, first time I've had to use a vet since moving interstate), he took a urine sample and after a urinalysis diagnosed a UTI and prescribed Cephalexin, 300mg twice daily for 10 days.


I saw quite a few UTI's while I was a vet nurse and never have I seen a dog discharging pus like this - bloody urine, yes, but not thick pus like I'm seeing coming from Bonnie. Although there does seem to be less of this discharge now that she's been on antibiotics for a few days.


But because I was still worried I went back to the clinic today, saw a different vet, and they took more urine to send away for a culture because this vet was thinking it may be a bladder infection and wants to see if a different AB will be more effective. He did seem concerned by the discharge too. I mentioned to both vets that I was concerned about grass seeds, but neither seemed too concerned. I've just never seen this pus/discharge with a UTI before?! She does not have a temp.


This is the first time with Bonnie that I haven't been on 'the other side' of the clinic - as a vet nurse all I had to do was bring Bon in to work and ask a vet (and they all knew her well) for help, they would all take my concerns seriously and I could run whatever tests I wanted. I just feel really helpless!!


She seems happy enough today, wants to run around like normal and is eating and drinking normally, but still urinating frequently and small amounts, although the urine does not smell really bad like I've smelt with some UTI's.

Does anybody here have any more experience with UTI's or bladder infections? Is this discharge normal? I'm scared that there may be something else going on and now the AB's are going to mask that...

Thanks for any help :rolleyes:

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Is Bonnie spayed? I think I'd ask the vet to consider the possibility of pyometra. Even spayed females can get a form of pyometra, so don't dismiss the possibility if she is spayed. I've never seen pus with a bladder infection, but then again I haven't seen everything!



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Sorry, I forgot to add that she is speyed. :rolleyes:


I have considered a stump pyometra, but was under the impression that she'd have a temp if this was the case?


The other thing I've been considering is vaginitis, I was reading that sometimes UTI's and vaginitis can be concurrent. I don't know a whole lot about this either, have only seen puppy vaginitis that usually clears up after speying. I think I'll talk to some people at uni tomorrow and then discuss it with the vet again tomorrow, when hopefully the culture results will be back.


For now she seems comfortable enough and is bright, eating and drinking so I think I'm just going to head to bed and try not to stress too much more. Thanks heaps for your reply.

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I have seen where bladder infections can result in visible pus in the urine - not in dogs, but... So, it is possible, I assume. Either way, sounds like she needs treatment, and I'm sure you and the vet will get it figured out and taken care of.


Best wishes!

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