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Goodnight, sweet Lu

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It is the most difficult decision.


There is a place for Lu in my garden to dance. To wait at the Bridge until it's time to go home.

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Thank you, everyone.


As a rule, I don't use our local vet because he's not very good, but for things like this, I call him because he makes house calls. It didn't seem right to take Lu to the mainland, especially when she so hated going to the vet. I felt terrible for our local guy, though- he had a hard time finding a vein on Lu. He's not the first vet to have that trouble, but honestly, I think Lu was so ready to go, just the sedatives he gave her first were enough.


The worst part was carrying Lu out to where we buried her. She's buried out next to our old Stinky dog, who went in May. It seems really empty around here, and Nick is out of sorts. We got some good sheep work in, and I got nuzzled/chewed on/used as a climbing toy by a pile of baby goats today, an that lifted my spirits.


Thanks again, everyone. It is comforting to know Lu doesn't hurt anymore.

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Visiting this section never gets any easier...rest in peace Lu :rolleyes:

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Visiting this section never gets any easier

If it did, we would have no business owning dogs...


Some background to that statement: Early in my career, I was faced with having to lay off some people due to business conditions. I was heartbroken, knowing the impact this would have on the lives of good, hardworking people who had done nothing to deserve this. I asked my boss, "Does it ever get easier, having to do this?" My boss' answer was simple: "The day it gets easier is the day you no longer have any business being a manager." (FYI, that was not the last time; and it not only hasn't gotten easier, it has in fact gotten harder each time...)

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