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I had a person send me a copy of an ad they got for a pup. The seller got their name from an agility person. The seller asked the agility person for emails of trials folks.


"Nationals Champion "DOG NAME" in the pedigree. Other champions in the papers. "


They went on and on how the papers are filled with champions....she didn't trial and she said she didn't have time but she went on how great her dogs were and how they would win Open trials if she could trial.


Upon further examination of the ABCA paper, the National Champion was the grand, grand, grandsire. No other champions were found closer up, although there was one Open trial winner as in one grandsire, not consistent though. What % of the grand. grand, grandsire is in this pup? The ad sounded like it was just plump full of winners and a mist have puppy!!


She also stated that the hips were not done since the grand parents were done and her dogs never showed any lameness.


One of the pup's parents eyes had been done by the original breeder but this seller didn't do the eyes tests on the pups since the grandparents had their eyes done and they had no problem.


Misleading at it's best. And she wanted $700 for these pups and told my friend they would work cattle.


I told my friend to go see the parents work and she inquired but the seller didn't have access to sheep but said the parents *herded* the horses all the time.


My friend got a pup from somewhere else.



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I really like the breeders that talk about their dogs "carrying the blood of ___" and any noteworthy dog is generations back. Kind of like the newspaper ads that tout "champ bred" pups. Yeah, right.


I think it's a never-ending problem.

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