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Progress With Cheyenne

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Finally, after more than five months, Cheyenne is getting in my F-250 by herself! Several weeks ago, she agreed to jump up from the floor to the front passenger seat, but I still had to lift her up onto the floor. Then, a couple of days ago, after placing her front paws on the running board, and saying, "up, up," she climbed up to the floor, then went up on the seat. Yay! She also now automatically sits as I climb up to attach the seat belt to her harness.


Now if I could just get her to stop trying to pull my socks off when I'm getting dressed. :rolleyes:

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If you can figure out how to get Cheyenne to not try to pull your socks off- maybe you can help me with how to get Cody to not try and help with the lacing of my shoes. When I am putting on my shoes or boots - he likes to put his nose almost on my laces. Thinks it will speed me up - I imagine.

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HAHAHA she doesn't want to leave!. I'm glad she gets in the truck with you! For the longest time Izzy wouldn't get in the car even though once she is in she loves the adventure of being in the car.


Tobey loves to get in the car, but gets anxious once we started rolling. So combined I have one normal dog :rolleyes:



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