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Search and Rescue Seminar?

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I found this ad:


- Do you own a dog who loves to fetch & tug?

- Are you looking for a challenging Hobby?

K-9 Search & Rescue SEMINAR

Fredericton - October 23-24-25

$30 Participation fee

Info: Info & Registration: (506) 238-7758 or (506) 488-3048

e-mail: mailto:casdda@hotmail.com




And I'm seriously considering going to it... I saw it and thought I'd take Bella, for something for her to do, but because they clearly say on the site that they'd have to work around other dogs, loose, I don't think it's a good idea. I am, however, considering taking Psyche.


The price isn't bad, at all, and I'd like to go, because it's something I find interesting, and have always wished was going on here, around me.


Think it's a good idea? I could take Psyche, learn what they're teaching, and bring it back to teach Bella. It looks REALLY cool. I really want to go.


Anyone want to come to Fredericton, NB and come with me?

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Sounds like fun! I heard of plenty of border collie doing search and rescue and can even get you in contact with them. PM if you want info


I have always been interested in S&R but got addicted to agility so oh well. Also I think if I tried Cressa she would only "find" the people she wanted and ignore the ones she didn't like. 0_o

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So it looks like Psycherdog is going to be a SAR Dog! :rolleyes:


I e-mailed them, and they e-mailed back, and are looking forward to my coming out to the seminar. Maybe if they do another next year, Bella will try it out. Either way, I'll bring what I learn home to work with Bella on.

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IK've been in SAR for years with my BCs they make great SAR dogs. Beadvised however that being full time SAR volunteer means a major commitment to training for both of you. SAR teams here often spend the night in the desert during an SAREX and team members are expected to be able to spend 3 nights in the desert as well.

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