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Lu's prognosis is not good

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So sorry Ben, I understand what you are going through. Ive lost a couple of my best dogs this year too, my heart goes out to you both.

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Thank you, everyone, so very much.


We're taking it day by day. Lu has quit eating anything that isn't raw meat, which isn't a big deal, as both dogs have been mostly raw fed for quite awhile. At this point, she can have anything she wants. Her right hind leg is worse today than it was yesterday- I can really see where the muscles have atrophied. She still gets up in the morning, and follows me out the door, and she still wants to go in the car- always one of her favourite things. At this point, though, unless something changes for the better, I'm not sure Lu is going to make it another week. It's not fair to her- she obviously hurts. Too soon is better than too late, I guess.


We'll bury Lu out by my sister's old Stinky dog who went in May. I have an oak tree to plant over her.


Today, I asked Scott to be here when Lu goes, and he started crying. My dogs, especially Lu, have wheedled their way into his non-dog-person heart. If that is to be Lu's legacy, then I'll take it.

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And for you both when the time comes I shall open a window when I go to bed and wish upon a star and then make a space in the garden for puppies to dance.

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