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Tick season is in full swing

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Just a warning, or better yet, a reminder, that tick season

is in full swing in our neck of the woods. Here in northern

Indiana and southern Michigan, April and October are the

worst tick months. And that has proven true again this year.

After a short walk yesterday, I picked 12 deer ticks off the

dogs. None had attached, but they still disgust me. They are

fairly easy to spot on Maggs since she's got alot of white on

her, but with Dave, being mostly black, it takes a little longer.

The nymph stage of deer ticks are sometimes as small as a

tip of a pencil lead, which makes searching for them quite the

task. We do live in an area where Lyme disease is quite common,

so I'm really careful about this. It pays to keep mine on frontline

and heartguard year round. Better safe than sorry. We have

tons of deer and turkeys in the woods behind the house, and they

aren't shy about cutting through the yard, so that doesn't help

matters. I never thought too much about turkeys being a major

transport vessel for ticks, but our vet says they're as bad, if not

worse, than deer. Anyway, just thought I'd pass this along and

check your dogs close til we get a good hard freeze.

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I've heard that Frontline is bad news bears for BC's and that Advantix should be used. True or false? I have my two on Advantix just in case...



Been using it for almost three years on one dog,

5 months ,so far on the other, no ill effects. Had to

change from Revolution years ago, because it

didn't work for deer ticks. I don't have any experience

with advantix...

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I pulled a tick off Rip this morning... I think it was a deer tick :rolleyes:


I tried to pull it out with tweezers, but the body ripped and I really don't think I removed the head. Will it come out? Should I worry?


I just squirted a little witch hazel on the area.

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