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So here is our adopted/adopted yellow dog. He came up in transport from Oklahoma. He was listed as a Golden Retriever /Husky mix. He is all of about 40 lbs. corgi face and collie ears. Somebody worked with him. When I call his name [he has just gotten excited about coming to his new name] he flies toward me and skids into a sitting stop right at my feet. He is a great hiker, very nimble and turns on a dime. But he doesn't know how to play and he has no idea what a ball is and won't fetch a thing. We have no idea what his prior situation was but he had several homes. He is about 3 1/2. He is so amazing [and I had one lovely German Shepherd and this guy is every bit as lovely].


So what do you think. I started telling everyone he was mostly BC [probably because I love the border collie breed so much] but they say that he can't possibly be! Here he is....



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