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Do dogs get warts?


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Rudolph has what appears a small growth on his upper lip (half the size of a pencil eraser).

I first noticed it about a week and a half ago, when it was a small bump, and it has now grown. It almost looks like a wart or a mole (think Cindy Crawford). Its black in color, like his lip, and dry. (I can't get a decent picture.)

He isn't itching or fussing it ... but it looks gross.

We are going to the vet on Monday ...

Any thoughts on what it could be? Thanks.

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My old girl (now 13+ yr) has a lot of what the vet techs usually call "skin tags." They're more like pencil point size (OK, big pencil...); most are skin-colored, but one tends to get a black "head" on it - possibly because it is in a place she sometimes scratches, and she may just be irritating it slightly. Vets have told me they're nothing to worry about, but to keep an eye on them in case they change size, shape or color. Since we recently had a tick infestation, believe me, I have felt and closely inspected every single one of them multiple times!



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