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Just got back from Kingston...it was a wonderful weekend! Beautuful weather, beautiful area and - most importantly - amazing dogs and handlers. Met KrisK - who is as nice and gracious in person as she is on the boards - and after a rocky start (I'm sure she will fill you in on the perils of a New Yorker attempting to navigate the Canadian wilderness... :rolleyes: ) we had a great weekend.


The Kingston trial is a great one to go to if you get a chance. The city of Kingston really supports it so there are a lot of very knowledgeable spectators there which is nice. The sheep are anything but dog-broke so it makes for some interesting runs and a real test of the dogs skill.


Sam Furman (from the Boards) and her dog (whose name escapes me at the moment..) had a great run in the Nursery Finals and they came in first.


I need to finish unpacking (and find where I put my camera). I'll try to post some pictures tonight and if I can figure out how, I'll post some video, too.

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Hey Kerry...I'm finally home actually, the trip home was 75 km shorter going the new route! BTW, check your program...the male commentator what we liked so much was Donald McCaig! author of Nop's Trials

Kerry and Dublin had an interesting introduction to 'mapquest' directions to get them to our campsite....all I can say, is don't trust em!! We had great fun (well, maybe not so much fun!) setting up Kerry's **tiny** - 3 room tent in the dark after I found her. :rolleyes:

The trials were beyond awesome, and having Kerry as my official 'instructor' on trials was great! By the end of day one, I was feeling quite confident that I at least knew the difference between a lift and a fetch I'll post some pictures tomorrow as well.

All in all, it was a perfect weekend - with the exception of the EVIL person just off the trial precinct...SELLING puppies :mad: At least the commentators were good about giving the 'BC speech' so hopefully not too many folks got 'sucked into' the puppy pit!

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That's great - so that saved you about an hour, right?


The most difficult part of my trip was getting the return done at Canadian Tire. Everybody and their brother was returning things. Finally got it done and the rest of the trip was smooth sailing. I didn't even get lost once! :rolleyes::D

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Kris, I have to agree with you about Mapquest directions. We had an interesting route last week on vacation, courtesy of Mapquest. Several times it took us out of our way and once even down a strange side road that went through some fields. I threw the directions away and got out a normal map.


I enjoyed the pictures that you shared. Beautiful dogs and scenery!

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