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Sugarfoot the fearless

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So here’s to small victories that seem to me like big ones. On Aug. 22nd I bought a soft-bite Frisbee for Sugarfoot. She was afraid of it. To see why a 14-month old BC should be afraid of something as innocuous as a Frisbee, go here:




Today (Oct. 7) I took her out to the field where we go for off-leash tennis-ball play and general hoofing and woofing. I threw the Frisbee for her for the first time – about 20 throws, and she went for it each time, got airborne 3 times and actually caught it as it hit the ground once. And she brought it all the way back all but two times.


I don’t know which of us was happiest… Sugar has a new favorite thing to do. (Shaking the Frisbee like a terrier shakes a rat was BIG FUN!)

I had been fighting off – or rather trying to ignore a panic attack from the time we set out for the field, and I was nearly moved to tears by this little black dog’s joy in her new-found “hobby.”


You who have ballsy stock dogs who can face down a cranky bull or a stroppy wether can be proud of your dogs’ courage. But for me, seeing my dog going gung-ho after a Frisbee just 4 weeks after the sight of one made her want to climb a tall tree and pull it up after her was an exhilarating sight. And, boy, didn’t she get lots of praise each time she ran out for it and each time she came mincing back – tickled pink with herself!


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