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Is it possible???

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For two dogs to look so heart-stoppingly similar???


I responded to an ad posted in some online, indiana classifieds about a BC needing a home. She sent me this picture...and it looks so much like Pi, I literally caught my breath when I opened the photo.




How many of you have encountered incidents like this? Can two dogs look SO much alike? I thought Katy and Pi were difficult to tell apart. This lady also said that she has a blue eye on the black side of her face. The resemblance totally blows my mind. And most of all, I want her to come home with me.....

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You know how they say every person has a double out there somewhere? Well, maybe it applies to dogs too.


I have seen a number of dogs who resemble Fly -- she is of a breeding and type that is not uncommon in the trial world. I have never seen a dog I thought looked much like Solo, although Julie P has two red dogs who both resemble him in certain ways. The only dog I ever thought REALLY looked like Solo is his full brother, but his brother is black and white.


I would be careful about adopting a dog who looks too much like Pi, unless you can be certain you will not be disappointed if she does not act much like Pi. When my Pomeranian died, she ruined me for all other Pomeranians because they were all just lame imitations of Harley. The ones that looked the most like Harley seemed like the biggest betrayals because they didn't act anything like her and it just seemed wrong.


On the other hand, Solo has forever installed in me a preference for yellow-eyed dogs, so I know where you're coming from.


Are you going to get to meet this dog? Are you able to adopt now?


Good luck, I'll be thinking of you.

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This really has been driving me out of my mind. I see so much of Pi in her...except maybe that this dog is lankier. But she looks wet in the photo, so who knows....


As for getting a dog that looks like Pi, and expecting her to act like Pi....I don't know how I'd deal with that. over all, every time I think about getting another BC, a little part of my heart pokes me brain, reminding me that my dogs were just perfect, and I can't possibly hope to find any other dogs like them. Which, scares me, for as much asI want another dog I'm so afraid I wont bond to one the same as I did with my three...Its hard to top the best in your heart, you know?


All i know about this girl is that she is friendly with other dogs, people and cats, about a year and a half old, loves to play catch, and she is housebroken. I want to meet her, but the lady lives like 3 hours away...so it would be one helluva day trip.


Its really breaking my heart. I want her. I will admit that most of my desire is contributed by the fact she looks like Pi...but if anything, I consider that a plus, because with my initial fear of connecting with a new dog, I think the likeness will help more than it will hurt.


My living situation is warped. I'm planning on moving in with my dad for 2-3 months so I can save up, because he's getting out of our old farm and into a house closer to the city where I work, but he doesn't want to live in the city so he's getting a place 15 minutes away, with lots of land, still out in the country. He has no problem with me getting a dog when I move in. And since I will be looking to move out of there and into a place that accepts dogs, then its entirely possible I may be able to have her. The only thing that concerns me is the location swapping...but with a 2-3 month span between swapping places, there wouldn't be *that* much jostling around.


Like I said, I'm going out of my mind. I can't believe how much she looks like my beloved Pi.

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That scared me.

I looked at the picture and thought - why did she post a picture of Pi here? They really do look alike....


I had a dog (a mix) that was all white, prick ears, curly tail, a pink nose, and a blue eye. One day after she was gone I saw a dog in a book that looks just like her. I mean JUST like her. Even a similar pose/look as what she had in one of my pictures of her. I found her as a stray and I couldn't help but think "what if that IS her?". It really is kind of creepy when you see a dog that is just like one of your own.


As for loving again, I think your heart will take over. One day you will get another dog (or puppy!), and soon you will love that dog just as much as Pi and Katy. Don't worry about "but Pi was the best dog ever, no dog can be as good as her". No dog will ever be better then your three dogs, those three will always have a special place in your heart - but don't forget that there is probobly still room for another in there too.


Best of luck to you:)

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I totally understand you wanting to get a dog that looks like Pi.

I went through a similar thing with my Dane who passed this past Oct. I was so heartbroken. I cried for over a week. I always felt like I would get another Dane. I even found a breeder locally who ironiclly had owned the grandfather of my dog. The woman had a 16 month old female dane, lou lou, she was trying to find a home for before the woman went into hospital for hip surgery. I so wanted lou lou. But I realized it would not be fair to get another dane cause I would make the comparisons. In my mind and heart no dane could ever be like Mindy. I still enjoy seeing danes at dog park. But I have fallen in love with Bandit, and the Border Collie breed. Just as a parent can love all their kids, I love Bandit who is totally different from my dane Mindy. Having said all this. I'm not telling you not to get anther dog that looks like Pi. Or even going to another breed. Just telling you I can understand you wanting a dog that looks like Pi.

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What I would say is, it doesn't matter what makes the dog appeal to you - if you are really committed to take on another dog. She's tugged at your heartstrings, she needs a home - that's a good start. Now try to forget what made her appeal to you initially and evaluate her objectively. What EXACTLY do you expect from a dog? Not, "My dogs were perfect" but, "What worked for me best about my dogs?" Then ask youself - "Does this dog have a chance of living up to those expectations?"


I've guided several people through the process of "replacing" dogs that had passed away. Sometimes they ended up with dogs that physically resembled their dogs, sometimes not, but what I always emphasized was the practical nature of whether the dog would actually fit into their lifestyle, just like with any other adoption.

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A couple of years ago, my husband and I were laying in bed with my Border Collie Bob. Bob was 10 at the time, and we realized he was getting up there and we were kind of questioning what we would do without him, we both adored him, he was my shadow, my best buddy. Well we decided to get in touch with the people who bred him and see if they had any pups, the lady was out of dog world so we just started looking halfheartedly for a pup. Responding to an add in the paper we went up the road from us and saw some Border Collie pups...they were cute (of course) they had a tri. a blue, which was just beautiful, and a blk/wht, who immediatly ran off on his own when let out of the house :)to do his business. Well long story short, we thought the pups were ok, then the man brought out the papers on the pups:) these pups were all great nephews of Bob:) We immediately scooped up the blk/wht pup, Mr. independent, just like Bob. March 6th of this year, after a valiant fight, we lost Bob to cancer. I thought I could never love another dog like I loved Bob, that I'd always be comparing...well I can't tell you what a Godsend Mike was. He really took some of the sting out of losing our kiddo. He looks a lot like Bob, and although they had their similarities, their personalities were pretty different. I guess what I'm trying to say is I wouldn't hesitate to get this dog, he might not have the same personality or traits as your first dog, but that's ok, hey you might just have another 'perfect' dog LOL. Plus I think he's cute as hell.

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S.A. I think the best thing i've done since Foo passed away was to adopt Zag(zilla) I knew the first night alone in my (didn't-feel-like-a)home that i needed (yes needed, not wanted) another dog in my life. The only real draw back is... I worry more then i probably should about him. The suddeness of Foo's departure still breaks my heart.


Now I think it is uncanny how much she resembles Pi! I also think you are insane if you don't (as long as your ready) take this dog into your life. I am sure you would be a wonderful human to any pooch. I also understand any doubts you may have. I am debating getting another bc (ack 2 under a year old, i must be insane!?) take a look see!




Something about her makes me want to forget my 1 dog rule

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Search your heart and, if it says "yes" to you, maybe you will say "YES" to her.


Whatever you decide, I hope you are very happy with your decision. We adopted a dog when I did *not* want another, and I almost immediately couldn't imagine life without her. Adopting a dog in need is very rewarding.


I'm all for happy endings, and I hope this girl finds one with you, if it's right for you both.


Best wishes!

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Personally I opted to get a dog who totally doesn't look at all like Oreo. (And is a different breed.) Personality wise though they're very similar - I specifically looked for a dog who was submissive and shy. Oreo is still alive though, which meaks it easier on me.


Do what's right for you. Planning a day trip might be the best idea. I tend to follow my heart. When I saw Zoe's picture I just KNEW, I had to have her. She turned out to be the best thing I could have hoped for. So trust your instincts.

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Do what your heart says. Go see the dog. You'll know when you meet her if she's right for you. And I think once you get a dog, you'll find that you don't really make those comparisons with former dogs--at least not in a bad way. They are all such distinct personalities that a new dog will worm its way into your heart just by being itself.



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I've seen a dog on petfinder that could practically be Speedy's double. And he has the same wistful look in his eyes that Speedy gets sometimes.


I feel so drawn to this dog and I want to go get him and bring him home and give him a great life.


But we have three right now and we really can't take another. And, Speedy still needs all of the time and training I can give him.


But he tugs at my heartstrings because of the resemblance and if something happened to any of my dogs, I would not hesitate - I would go get him.


I realize that he won't act that same, but there is still something there.


So, I get it, too.

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The human heart is about the size of your fist, but the love it can hold is the size of the universe.


You will never have dogs that can replace your 3 that were lost. Because they have a place in your heart. But there is plenty of places left. What ever the reason for getting a particular dog is, looks, temperment, gait, etc. that dog will find its place in your heart. If you get this dog, at first it will be a lot of, you sure look like Pi, but you don't act like her! Then it will be, oh you silly dog, and she will have that place in your heart.


Ask yourself, were your 3 truly perfect, or were they perfect for YOU? It is of course, they were perfect for you. (please, I mean NO disrespect to your 3, no implication of their worth)And your next dog will be different in some areas, some may be the same. The bottom line is that it will be totally impossible to replace any of the 3 you lost.


Don't think of it as replacing them, think of it as adding to your life and heart.

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Originally posted by Dixie_Girl:

If you get this dog, at first it will be a lot of, you sure look like Pi, but you don't act like her! Then it will be, oh you silly dog, and she will have that place in your heart.

I agree with that. I think if you get this girl that looks like Pi... after a while, esp if she's not much like Pi in personality... you'll see how much she doesn't look like Pi.


I had identical twins for best friends growing up. At first they were very hard to tell apart... then after a while they looked totally different to me, while they still looked identical to outsiders. We were friends for 15 years before I moved away.


If you feel you're ready, take the trip to see her. Driving can let you think a lot. Don't just get her because there's no reason *not* to get her (I've done that and frankly, didn't bond with the dog) but make sure if you take her home, that it's because there's a connection with her - and it could be very small.


My dog Jaida was 5 mos old at the Humane Society, I was looking for a 2nd dog. I walked up to her cell and she was sitting in the back of it, kinda sad. I said 'Hi Honey' and she came over right away, all waggy and happy. My heart melted - and I've never regretted for a second bringing her home.


Oh, and to answer your question, yes I've seen another dog exactly like Jaida. I just parked my car at Home Depot and was walking thru the lot. I saw in the window of a pickup truck my dog... which was weird because she was at home. I had to go to the truck window and get a GOOD look at this dog. SO SO SO close to my dog - her facial appearace was a little different looking, like she had a different softness to her eyes - but I bet NO ONE else besides my family would have been able tell the difference. The neat thing is, Jaida is a mix, and a rescue. I will always wonder if they are related.


Best of Luck.

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I know most of the folks here think small dogs are only good for kicking, but Harley, my Pomeranian, was my heart. She was a truly extraordinary spirit in a ten-pound package. She had star quality, and vivacity without superficiality; she was pensive, she was beautiful, she got along with everyone. She just had something. Everyone she met said, "I don't know what it is about this dog" or "I normally really hate small dogs, but there's something about Harley and she is just very, very cool." She was a part of me. She went everywhere I went -- without Harley, I felt vulnerable and exposed.


Harley went to classes I took and classes I taught, she sat in on academic colloquia, she participated in faculty searches in my department (one candidate won all of our hearts by asking to hold Harley on his lap while talking to the grad students), she traveled with me, she saw both Puget Sound and the Outer Banks. We understood each other. She was the first thing I saw every morning when I woke and the last thing I saw when I fell asleep. When Harley died, too young, of cancer, the entire anthropology department mourned. A good friend of mine, a professor, helped me bury her in the courtyard of the University Museum against all sorts of regulations because everyone loved her and Harley is still there, under the ivy.




I think very few people have loved dogs as much as I loved Harley. I did not think I would ever love another dog. As you know, however, I did find another dog who touched my heart just as deeply even though he is a vastly different dog and not at all what I thought I wanted when I got him.




If it's right, it'll be right.

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Years ago, when I first undertook rescue work, I was also going to one of the big shows in this area as the "border collie" rep with my eclectic group of bc's (until the show giving club passed a rule that no longer made it possible for us to continue). Anyway, we had our heyday for a few years. People would gather around us, three deep while Pete and a couple of my other border collies worked the crowd. (Maybe that's why we got excluded eventually. We drew far more attention than all of the other breeds combined). Anyway, one of these years--it was during their December show, a noticed a dignified older couple just enjoying the spectacle and I began to talk to them. This was back in 1995. They were interested in a dog and I said I do have a couple of rescues available and if they were interested, we could set up a time when they could come to my house and see them. In January they did. I brought out the 2 rescues I had at that time, but neither clicked with them. On the way out though, on the sofa was one of my own dogs, Nicki, a 2 year old bitch I had since she was 8 wks. old. I had left her home that day of the show. They stopped to admire Nicki, who rolled belly up for them on the sofa and the woman began to cry. I didn't ask and they left.


The following evening, the husband called me and said that they didn't think either of the rescues were for them and thanked me for allowing them to meet the dogs, but before we hung up, he said, "but there sure is something about Nicki". I thanked them, but said she wasn't one of my rescues up for adoption. She was my own. He went on to say that two years ago, they lost a dog who looked almost exactly like Nicki, which I thought explains the wife's emotional reaction.


I don't know what happened. It's as though cosmic hands grabbed a hold of me and wouldn't let me go. For two nights I couldn't sleep. I could not get this couple out of my mind. There was something about them, their story. She was small in stature, frail appearing and he was so protective of her. I cried, I couldn't shake what ever had grabbed me. Whenever I brought dog earmarked as my own into my house, I made a commitment for life to that dog. Nicki was MY dog, but as she grew, there were a couple things that bothered me about her, that she wasn't turning out to be what I had hoped.


The couple had come on a Sunday. The husband had called me the next day, on Monday---and it was Thursday evening that I called them. I got the husband on the phone and told him I had done a lot of soul searching---and I hate it when I do this---but I began to cry as I told them that if they want, they could have Nicki. Stunned silence on the other end. He was at a loss for words. He went on to explain his wife's reaction. She too could not sleep. Two weeks before the death of their dog, they lost a daughter, 32 yrs. old. It all came together then. Those two losses had to have been inextricably linked for these people. The tears the wife shed when she first saw Nicki, were not just for her dog that died, but for her child too.


We decided that we'd come visit once, and then the next time they could take Nicki for the weekend to see how it works out. When I dropped her off for that weekend about a month later, I never did bring her back home. She was there to stay, a much loved and treasured part of the family, and you know, it felt right.


We became good friends. These two people were my staunchest supporters. I'd come visit with some of my other dogs who loved to play with the husband, but it was obvious whose dog Nicki was. She never left the wife's side. It all made sense to me now and I was never more sure that I had made the right choice.


The wife was in frail health and Nick never left her side. She was even allowed to bring Nicki in with her to therapy and at one point, Nicki was used as part of her therapy.


When Petey died, they were one of the first that I called and we both cried together at his death.


One month to the day, that Petey died, my dear friend died, at home, family around her, and her beloved Nicki, now gray herself, at her side.


I just saw the husband three weeks ago. 51 years of marriage, he's having a really hard time. He called me to tell me he is moving to a sr. complex back in the state where they were from. He wanted to do what's best for Nicki. I told him something like "you know, you could go live in a cardboard box on the beach. As long as she could be with you, that's what's best for Nick".


I heard "Oh, thank you. That's just what I wanted to hear. My apartment is on the third floor right next to the elevator for us." Nicki came back to my house just one more time for a couple of days, when the movers were at her home. I was good to have her back. I even took her with us as we went to work sheep. The old girl still wanted to work, bless her heart.


When I took her back, I kissed her good-bye, one last time. Together, both of these seniors who lost something so dear to them, are beginning a new chapter in the twilight of their lives. Somehow, I think my friend approves.


Signs---if it grabs you and doesn't let go---Listen. Just Listen.

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I know this may sound wierd, but I think of it like this. I was engaged at 17 for two years. It didnt work out and we broke up. I was positive no one else would ever enter my heart. I met a man not long after we broke up, and he made his feelings clear about wanting a relationship with me. I said no no no no.. no, for 5 years, and it may sound stupid because we met online. But, I finally agreed to meet him. We got married 2 weeks later (my family about passed out) and it is the best BEST thing I ever did. :rolleyes::D I still have a spot in my heart for the first one. But boy is there room for my husband now, my heart grows bigger every day Im with him. :D


My point being... You can think nothing will heal the damage done by losing your babies, and your heart will never mend. But thats wrong. There is room in your heart. You need to open up your heart and listen to it. Im not saying get this dog or not. But IMO I think that you should see it. You dont know till you do. It would be awful to be down the road and keep thinking, what would have happened if I would have given it a chance. Because really, by not driving the 3 hours (and I HATE driving) you could be missing out on a great opportunity and so could that dog. On the other hand, you could realize when you see it it isnt the dog for you.


I wish you much luck. I'd like to see the tables turn for you and a lot of happiness in the form of a furry friend in your life. :D

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Thank you all so much for your wonderful stories and reassurance. It means so much...


The advice to figure out how my girls fit best in my life, and to look for those traits seemed best. And the more I hear about this girl, the more I like her. She loves fetch, and swimming....and those were easily two of Pi's favorite things, too. I'd always dreamed of taking my dogs to the beach with me...ever since i got Pi. I swore to everyone she was half fish, for how much she loved the water.


I've written the lady again, trying to arrange a meeting with her this next week. I really hope this works out...

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Vicki, that was one of the most heartwarming, heartwrenching stories of kindness and love that I have ever heard. To give up a dog you had since puppyhood, to people who needed it so much, is the ultimate in unselfishness. Thank you for sharing that story.


Now I need to explain to my grandkids why I'm crying while "just reading about the dogs".

Then I gotta go hug Cheyenne and Jackson.

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I'm usually lurking, but Vicki's story gave me chills, and I just had to comment. Wow!


SA-my heart was breaking for you, when I read what happened to your dogs. This girl seems to have really touched you, and I hope it works out.

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