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I don't know why but she made me so angry...

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RDM, you are still lucky. Our dogs are probably as obedient as yours, but our park rangers are vigilent. One of my friends had her dog on a long line playing with a ball at 8AM and was given a warning, that next time would be a ticket. And truly, the park isn't busy at 8AM. And even tho our dogs are on leash, they sit when joggers are approaching, don't bother others, etc.


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Originally posted by MrSnappy:

Then she said "but your dogs are wonderful and it's obvious they are well trained." Well yes, this is all true - but they still PEE. I didnt, in the end, understand why she hated dogs. I think it's because they urinate, and she seems to believe mine don't do this horrible thing.


This is why it's hard for me to take anti-dog people seriously

After living in an apartment complex that allowed dogs, I totally understand why people "hate" dogs. What they really hate is how piggish many dog owners are (not on this list of course). Even now, living in a subdivision, I'm irritated by the dog poop along the streets (where lots of people with and without dogs walk) and on the edges of lawns. The vast majority of people who allow this are doing so deliberately. It's not that they forgot or ran out of bags to clean up after their dogs. They're happy to leave the mess for someone else to deal with. It's probably one of their goals when they head out on the walk.


I've earned the respect of my local authorities by being a GOOD dog owner. It's definitely not just dumb luck.
This is very true. Even people who probably don't care for dogs are friendly when they see me walking by with mine because they know I have them under control and that I always clean up after them.
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Oh would I have been ticked off!! I probably would have had a potty mouth!! It kinda makes my blood boil just reading about the situation. The lady is real lucky that she did not meet my sister, we would have been talking about the poor lady in the red sports car bawling like a baby.

As far as her having a bad day, all fine and well but there is no excuse to take a bad day out on someone else.

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I think it's a great idea to show up and socialize your dogs with the kids. Your dogs are both SAR dogs, correct? You should also be telling folks what you do with your dogs, how you volunteer with them, how you've trained them, etc. The more friends you make there the better, and people will want you to be allowed to bring your dogs there.

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Two simple rules:


1) Never back down if you are right.


2) Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


Check the local laws, and the rules pertaining to using the property. Also figure out who this woman is and if she actually has any authority. I would guess she is a nobody that just wants to feel important.


Mr(s?) Snappy summed up exactly what I would do:

In my area, I have had confrontations with some very angry people indeed. Generally I ask them to see a) their police badge or :rolleyes: their park ranger status. If they can provide neither, I tell them I'm done listening and if they continue to harass me, I'll call the cops on them. I have been threatened with physical violence, probably because I am a woman, and people like this are accustomed to intimidating other people. I find that standing my ground forces them to give some.


Never challenge someone. Just let them do their thing, call the cops and tell they you were just verbally assulted and were in fear of the incident getting worse because of this womans language, tone and general body posture.


An additionaly thing that I do if someone is "yelling" something at me, I'll just casually continue what I am doing and go the opposite direction. That would force them to actually make movement to approach me, or sit and wait for me to come back to my car (assuming they can find it). If they wait, it only helps your point that they were purposefully bothering YOU.


For what it is worth... I am about 6' and pretty big, shaved head (yeh... balding), and play a lot of contact sports. I am not bothered by most, but still will not engage physically with some idiot. I merely use the laws that are in place to protect us all.

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I understand the prob with other people leaving dog poop. And I understand that it is a real prob when your kid is trying to play and not step in poop. However, when someone comes up to me and is immediately rude, well, the Irish and Indian in me wake up and take over my mouth! Telling someone the "rules" does not mean being a jerk about it! And usually, when people piss me off, I tend to piss them off right back!


It's an age old prob.. The bad always ruin it for the good.

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Originally posted by Liz P:

Oh boy, good thing she didn't run into ME! I am famous for my stubborn streak! I would have just sat down and made myself comfortable!

LOL! That's exactly what I was thinking about myself! I wouldn't have budged an inch! Or I would have gone back and continued playing with the dogs while ignoring her. Your dogs are obviously much more well-behaved than she is!
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