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Birdie is all of the sudden gotten aggressive with other dogs and our Corgi! She doesn't show the teeth to our Corgi but she sure does other dogs especially when they come near me! What can I do to stop this!

She's always been so sweet and nice it's like she's a different dog.

I know this is on the wrong board but it won't let me post on the regular board. I'm asking Eilene to move it.

Thanks for reading and any help

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I bet you'll get some good replies about how to deal with "resource guarding" - you being the resource. But is a show of teeth all that's happening? I'm not sure if I'd say that's aggression without more. My BC, Violet, and my little feist show each other their teeth every now and then. I think it's their way of saying "I'm not in the mood to be messed with right now." It doesn't escalate and always results in the girls going their separate ways for a little while. So I don't intervene.

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Whenever a sudden change in behavior happens like that for no apparent reason it is a good idea to have their thyroid function checked. Low thyroid can be the cause of sudden aggression. If you do this please ask your vet for the Six Panel test and not the basic. The 6 panel is the only true indicator as to what is going on on all levels. Hypothyroidism is easily treated and occurs more frequently than you might suspect.

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