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Whistle for a Cure SDT, info, running order


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Below is the running order for the Whistle For a Cure trial this weekend, along with our generous inspirit entries. We wish you could have joined us, but thanks for the donations!


We’ll be starting on Saturday at noon, and Sunday at 9:00. Saturday will be a low key day, no lunch concessions, just a friendly farm trial. Sunday will be our bigger day, with a fundraiser lunch, raffle, and a few spectators. We will have commemorative hats for sale all weekend.


I wanted to let folks know that some dogs in our area may have picked up kennel cough at a trial a couple of weeks ago. I won’t be providing communal water tubs for the dogs at the trial, just to be extra cautious. Bring your own water please, and it might be a good idea to limit dog to dog interactions.


Directions and information on the trial (in case you missed it) can be found at www.sheepdogsonline .com



Sue Rayburn






----In memory of Alice Brand and Alice Rayburn


Janet Elliott



Caroline Reichard


Maureen Robinson


Richard Rogers

Mark & Renee Billadeau

Beth Chuck

Sandy Gunter



Jean York


Lauren Seabolt




Becca Shouse


Dwight Parker




OPEN Saturday

1. Peggy Wilkinson

2. Denise Wall

3. Robin French

4. Colin Campbell

5. Julie Poudrier

6. Tony Luper

7. Dan King

8. Peggy Wilkinson

9. Laurie Schultz

10. Robin French

11. Julie Poudrier

12. Dan King

13. Tony Luper

14. Denise Wall

15. Laura Carson

16. Robin French

17. Peggy Wilkinson

18. Denise Wall

19. Joan Stout


OPEN Sunday

1. Colin Campbell

2. Peggy Wilkinson

3. Ali Curtis

4. Laura Carson

5. Denise Wall

6. Robin French

7. Joan Stout

8. Christine Henry

9. Tony Luper

10. Denise Wall

11. Laurie Schultz

12. Robin French

13. Denise Wall

14. Christine Henry

15. Peggy Wilkinson

16. Robin French

17. Tony Luper

18. Christine Henry

19. Julie Poudrier

20. Peggy Wilkinson


RANCH Sunday


1. Julie Poudrier

2. Christine Henry

3. Emily Falk

4. Ali Curtis

5. Caroline Reichard

6. Lauren Seabolt

7. Julie Poudrier

8. Mary Luper


PN Sunday


1. Ali Curtiz

2. Christine Henry

3. Ginger Bruton

4. Caroline Reichard

5. Emily Adham

6. Ali Curtis

7. Liza Williams

8. Barbara Shumannfang

9. Kelly Jerman

10. Sally Glei

11. Laura Carson

12. Julie Poudrier

13. Ginger Bruton

14. Kate Caldwell

15. Robin French

16. Becca Shouse

17. Christine Henry

18. Ali Curtis

19. Kate Caldwell

20. Laurie Schultz


NN Sunday


1. Charlie Hurt

2. Emily Adham

3. Liza Williams

4. Pamela Helton

5. Kelly Jerman

6. Charlie Hurt

7. Lisa Roberts

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