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its been a while

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Well its been a long time since I posted on here, its been busy around here with horses, dogs and college.

I dont know if anyone remembers me, this is probably more of a re-introduction. I found the boards when I got my first border collie, Lootah (now 2 years) and then added Sakari (now 18 months) to the family.

Since then we have come a long way, both dogs got their Canine Good Citizen awards. Lootah took his pet therapy evaluation last saturday and did great, he now has to do two supervised visits and if he does well with those he becomes a pet therapy dog. We have taken several classes together, the last was a Rally class, and next month I will hopefully be competing in my and Loo's first Rally competition (Novice A), I'm excited and nervous, lol. I also just got his OFA hip test through the mail and they came back Good, so thats "good" news, lol.

Kari is currently taking agility classes and doing great, we are going to keep going and see how things go, hopefully we will get good enough to show one day.

I've never done any dog competitions before these two, so we are learning together, and these two have just been great, I love how quick they learn and how they really retain what I teach them, they have definitly made me a big BC lover :rolleyes: .


Ok, so now all the boring stuff had been said, lol (hope that wasnt TMI) here are piccies of the two . . .


Yes, they are sat ontop of a round bale, lol.



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Lol, I thought you might remember Kari.

This place sure was a big help when I got Lootah as a first time border collie owner.

Lootah always gets mistaken for a girl, and an aussie. Mostly people think Kari is some kind of mix, and lately people have been refering to her as a him, lol, so its nice to have somewhere to come where people know, yep thats a bc :rolleyes:

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