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I'm sorry you had such a rough time. You were only a baby. You were probably born in that horrible place, and even though you were rescued, you were so weak. It was a long journey here, and you tried, you tried so hard. But there were so many others, so many mouths, and your poor mother couldn't do enough.


We certainly didn't think we were up to the task of 8 pups, but figured we'd try. The rescue shelter wasn't a good place for all of you either...


You were skinny and emaciated, but gazed into my eyes like a fighter. But it wasn't enough, and the sickness made you so tired, so weak. You could barely eat, but lapped up every drop I squeezed in. You didn't mind the fluids, you took it like a champ. And you passed quietly, softly, surrounded by your mates. I'm sorry you didn't get to grow up.


See you at the bridge, sweet baby.





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