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Sara - 09/01/92 - 09/08/09

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With her vet’s kind assistance, Sara crossed over to the Bridge one week after her 17th birthday.


I posted a few weeks ago about some intermittent health issues that came up suddenly. An ultrasound revealed a large new growth on her liver that had not been there in June and blood work showed anemia and changes in liver enzymes. From its appearance and the fact it was bleeding, my vet and the radiologist suspected a hemangiosarcoma. I opted to provide her with supportive care and nothing aggressive - such as surgery or blood transfusions. Sara never appeared to be in pain and would just suddenly collapse as though exhausted. There periods would last maybe an hour up to a day and then she’d be back on her feet. But this weekend, she collapsed and never seemed to recover. My vet said it appeared she was having a slow bleed out and would probably die before the end of the day so I chose to help her go.


I don’t know if the Rainbow Bridge exists anywhere except in my mind but it brings me comfort to visualize Sara in her prime running free, soaring through the air to catch a frisbee, exchanging play bows with Meg and nuzzling the cats.


From the many previous posts from members whose dogs have had hemangiosarcoma, I knew we didn’t have much time and I tried to make the best of it for both of us - she had every special treat she wanted and I spent as much time with her as I could. Of course I’m sad and grieving for my losss but I also know it was her time to go and that she had a very long life in which she was loved every day.

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