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Awhile back there was a post that discussed cool foods vs warm foods. For some reason I cannot find the thread (I am having computer issues). Anyways, can those who really know the difference and can suggest some foods that would be considered cool please post.


I was told I need to switch my acd and possibly bc over to cool food instead of feeding evo so now I need to learn more about what kind of foods to feed. Foster becomes she has a bunch of joint issues at her age. Tempe because it could help with overheating, etc... and supposedly evo is considered warm. The one vet even asked if Foster drinks more water while on evo and when I think about it she does.


I prefer no-grain but for Foster and Tempe I can feed grain if needed but want high quality. I do not feed raw. I am terrible at really knowing what the label says so prefer some brand names not just whitefish, duck and no turkey and chicken... I need help :rolleyes:


Thanks in advance

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I know the thread you are speaking of. I will try to find it for ya! I know that fish is a cool food as is beef, lamb is considered hot. Do you feed raw or strictly kibble? One of my vets, holistic, has had more patients with problem due to feeding Evo.


A book that may help you is 4 Paws 5 Directions.


I'll look for that thread.



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