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Bud Dog and Rob Dog Update

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Well, it has been just over a month and half since moving into our new home and adding the Bud man to our pack. Rob was not pleased with me at all for inviting this stranger into his home and my affections and was grumbly about Buddy entering his space.


Things have changed rapidly over the last two weeks. Rob has quit pouting and has really stepped up his invitations to play and Buddy is responding. They have been bounding around the house playing tag with each other. They follow each other around everywhere and have to lay and rest next to each other. At the park on our walks, they stroll around side by side like they are attached at the hip. It is hilarious to watch.


It?s nice being able to cuddle both of them at the same time without Rob complaining. They both think they are lap dogs so having a snarl fest in my face was not pleasant, but all that seems to have worked itself out (with zero tolerance from me).


Buddy is happy all the time and is a joy to be around. His sit stay is perfection, he has learned down, he waits at all doors like a gentlemen and knows ?go to your bed?. We are working on the recall and he has made great strides when he can hear me. It has helped having Rob glued to his side because he will follow Rob?s lead. Buddy really gets into the party we have when he comes to me. He becomes one big wiggle.


Briar and Bud were fast friends from the start and they are always walking by and kissing each other. So the McD pack has gelled into a great fur family.


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WoOt! That is great news. I agree I bet Bud doies think he is in heaven. Oh did you goto the Pups in the park last weekend? I missed it, The dogs got me up to early ! So me and my gang took a BIG nap slept like 4 hours!! Who said BC's are all go, all the time!? hehehe seems we all got tuckered out playing thru the morning.

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