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I finally got to work my own dog!

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Just a small brag...


I went out for a lesson with Dianne today, and finally got to work Moss myself! :dance:


He really was beyond great. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, based on his breeding and all, but :rolleyes:


Man, I can't tell you how much fun it was to actually get in there with him and try him out. I'm so proud of my boy! I think that his only major issue will be dealing with ME and my dumbass-ish tendencies.


I put him in a few situations/ "oh sh*t!" moments (got too far away from the sheep or some other stupid thing) that I thought would end badly, but I guess I really didn't need to worry because he picked up my slack pretty well. I'm pretty blown away. It's one thing to watch someone else work your puppy, it's a whole 'nother thing to be in there with him. We circled a little bit and them did some fetching in the big arena. He pushed on me a little bit but I think I did an all right job of backing him off. Probably not enough, though. Oh well, something to work on, right? He was rating himself really nicely, and Dianne says he's a natural outrunner.


I know it's pretty "small potatoes" stuff, but to a newb like me, it was really fun. Moss is so relaxing to work because he's so natural and doesn't seem to have the tendency to get pushy, fast, or slicey like Cedar does. With him I was able to actually enjoy myself a bit. I think I must have been smiling the entire time I was out there :D




Thanks for letting me share!

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