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Getting a border cat?

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We just went to the outlet mall to get me some nylons and knee-his (my biannual church-wear purchases). Then we strolled the mall - and weent by a pet adoption place. The kittens were in cages in the window. And it was Chuck who pointed out the border cat - and mentioned adoption. He'll eventually blame it on me. But he fell in love.


With luck, we'll get her next week. They have to check us out first and feel sure we and the kitten are a good match.


So, two questions:


1. Suggestions for border cat names. She's currently Tulip, which we don't like. We prefer two syllables, although our other dog was Vamp. Our other cats were Ulthar, Frodo, and Tyga.


2. How do we go about introducing Fergie and the kitten? I've never worried about it before - just added the new pet to the menagerie. The older we get, the worrieder we seem to get.


She'll come chipped, vetted, and with all her shots up to date. We'll get her spayed through the adoption group when she weighs 3 lbs.

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Oh, that's exciting!


It's a long time since I introduced a kitten to a dog - I can remember nearly having heart failure one day when my old Jess was playing with the kitty, and then the kitty was motionless, lying down. I truly thought Jess had accidentally broken kitty's neck - but then when I walked over, the kitty sat up and smiled - she was just having a little crash-nap.


I think as long as there are places where kitty can go to be safe when she's had enough, things will be fine. How does Fergie feel about cats in general?


It will be so nice having a kitty - my two cats are 17 and 9, so it's a long time since we've had a kitten in the house.

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That's great news Nancy. We have really enjoyed our border kitty Skiziks, now about 5 months old. They are so much fun and so entertaining to watch.



bcfriend -- How do you catch a cat named Unique?


Answer: Unique up on him!!!


LOL. (Oh that's an awful joke! But that's what we have to do to catch Skiziks if he doesn't want to be caught! )

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