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Romanian Sheepdogs: Mioritic and Carpatin


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Anyone here familiar with these Romanian Sheepdog breeds? Since I am from Romania, and there are a lot of sheepdog aficionados on this forum, it wouldn't hurt to ask


Mioritic Sheepdog (Ciobanesc Mioritic)







Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog


and another link





And the Carpathian Sheepdog (Ciobanesc Carpatin)




More info here




I've seen a lot of Mioritics in Romania, even in Bucharest, since they are becoming "cool" dogs to have, even in the city, but you can also see them in the Carpathian mountains, with sheppards, guarding their sheep, the traditional way. They can be very ferocious, they're known to fight off bears and wolfs away from sheep.


There is another Romanian breed, called Bucovina Sheepdog. I haven't seen any in real life.





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I've heard of the Carpathians. And there's another Continental breed called the something sheepdog that I'm always thinking is the Romanian sheepdog - but it looks totally different - like a completely black, prickeared Border collie.


I wouldn't mind having one of those Miortics around here - they DO look very cool.

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