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Training Brother and Sister

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well it is now 19 mths since the twins -Dylan and Duchesse - joined us and it has been fun with some minor problems mostly with pulling on the lead. We have tried all the harness and halti etc etc, not much effect! So resorted to simple leather collar, pulling is now almost non existent walking to heel came without any formal effort. Having had bcs both working and non these two are amazing me they seem to anticipate next training step and simply carry it out.

Duchesse has been speyed with no obvious effects still very much the lady! Dylan will be castrated in Nov as our Vet believes it best as we will not use him to stud.


Both dogs are, and have been since birth bilingual but as true members of the superior race! play on this using it to ignore a French command and only reacting to English and the opposite; never nasty simply a game with us.


Best wishes to all lucky enough to allowed to share their lives with these magnificent animals


oh nearly forgot but reminded by Dylan they go to try their skills with a few sheep next week - should be interesting!


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