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Colorado Scottish Festival and Rocky Mountain Highland Games

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Anyone planning to attend this festival in August? It's on the weekend of 5-6 August.




I've been there last year and loved it. Not that I have any Scottish blood, but we went with a friend of ours who has I saw border collies working sheep there, and fly-ball competitions and bunches of scottish/irish/british breeds of dogs.


Maybe some of us around Denver can meet there! What do you say?!


EDIT: After I posted above, I found this on the website... bummer....:

"Animals: Because of Douglas County restrictions, only dogs registered to compete or to be exhibited at the festival are permitted on the field.." :D:rolleyes::D



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July 15th and 16th the CELTIC FESTIVAL is in Elizabeth Colorado at CC park, or better known now as Casey Jones Park. It is alot like the scottish games. I am myself scottish and Irish, and my husband is mostly Irish (grandparents straight from Ireland).


I have seen dogs at the Celtic Festival before, but it was held in Kiowa and not Elizabeth. I will do some checking.

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Not going to that one, but will be at the Scottish Games in Dixon with the dogs in September. Just part of the Scottish Animal exhibit - I've haven't been to these games before so don't know if they have a herding demo or not. The larger games I go to in April used to have a non-sanctioned trial at the games, but they've turned the arena into a motorcycle track and that's how its staying until they move the fairgrounds in a couple of years. I love going to the games and so do my boys. We are Scottish through my dad's side of the family.


So, Anda and Colorado Girl, are either of you fans of the Wicked Tinkers?

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There's no flyball competition with the festival this year. But, I'll be at a flyball tournament in Golden this weekend (July 29 & 30). I have to work at the Larimer County Fair the weekend of the festival. But, yes, we should get some of the Colorado people together at some point : )



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I did not think that I knew who they were, but upon listening, I have heard them and LOVE it!!


It is the start to the Elbert County Fair in Kiowa this weekend, 4-H dog show is Sat. (we are staying home and clipping cattle) plus hot air baloon ride, 5K run Cowboy Up Rodeo, and some other misc. stuff. Sunday is the breeding shows for hogs, cattle and sheep. We have heifers to show. So we will be busy. I am however up to meeting at another time also.



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If you get a chance you should go! I won't be in Denver that weekend (at least not at this stage of the game, although our firm is based there), but I always go to the Scottish/Fiber Festival and Soldier Hollow Trials in Heber, Utah (which sounds similar) over Labor Day weekend. It is so much fun! (Non-competing dogs are not allowed there, either.)


If you do go, be sure to take lots of photos!

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Yeah! More Wicked Tinkers fans! They always play at the Games in Woodland in April and luckily enough the stage is right next to the Scottish Animals exhibit, so we always get a front row seat with a great view. My two teenage boys and I love their music. It's really interesting that my boys and I are drawn to just about anything Celtic, but my DH can't see the attraction - probably because it has nothing to do with cars - LOL!

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Finaly found the DVD where my husband backed up the pictures from last year, so here are some shots I took last year. Notice it was before Ouzo and I was already BC obsessed :rolleyes:






Cooling off




Cute Old English Sheepdogs (I love this shot)




Irish Woolfhounds




Irish Deerhound



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And two more with flyball dogs and one with a bunch of other dogs. Could not resist not sharing these pictures, I know they'll be people appreciating some cute puppy pictures, even a year old :rolleyes:


Dana, maybe you recognize some of the participants?







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These are my favorite pix from the Scottish Games two years ago. Notice the hairless BC with the big feet sleeping in the corner :rolleyes: Too many Scottish goodies and music for that one!





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That's my youngest son, Brian, with Skye and Bunny. The photographer from the local paper also took pics of Brian sleeping in with the dogs. A lot of people got a good laugh out of it and Brian just slept on, totally zonked out.

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Just came home from the Scottish Festival. Have pictures and video, will post soon :D


Anyone here been there today?


Disapointed in the border collie representation, I saw max 7.

Had lots of fun, good beer :rolleyes: , too bad I couldn't bring my own dog...



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Jonun: My friend - who actualy competed in all the throwing competitions (and won 5 medals)- said he's going to the one in Estes Park. It's way more expensive than this one from Highlands Ranch. I don't think I'll go to that one, it's far, plus I can't bring my pup with me, what's the fun?


I've promissed some pictures, and I know it does not interest too many people on this board, but I'll keep my promise and share some shots. Let me just load them up.

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Who new Santa was Scottish?





Waiting their turns





The only three other border collies in the parade, other than the four doing the herding show





Irresistable eyes





Funniest haircut ever





Fashionably Scottish





So ugly, he's cute


This dog was too funny: he watched me take pictures of all the other dogs around him, so he started sneezing and prancing around so I'd take a shot of him, too. Here you go, cutie, your chance at being famous



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I was so fascinated by the 4 herding dogs, that our friend kept calling my cell phone to tell me to come back to where he was competing at throwing whatever was that he was throwing, to take pictures of him throwing the cabber (sp?), hammer, stone, etc. I was the official photographer, who was always to be found next to the herding pen with the border collies ... :rolleyes:



And I just love the look on this lil' boy's eyes




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