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The CBCA and Western Canadian championships are next week, starting with Nursery on Thursday, August 27. Information about the event, including running orders, is here. I'll try and post results as they come in, assuming that the Rogers 3G network is available at Bar Pipe Farms. :rolleyes:



Your 3G will work at Bar Pipe Kristi...Bob


PS - Looks like it is going to be the biggest ever.....72 Open dogs running and 27 Nursery...Can't wait to get there....

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Well, that's good news! I was having some flaky coverage at Iricana so I wasn't sure if it would be any better at Okotoks.


I'm quite excited to be running Lou, and of course Lee will be running Rexy in Nursery, so hopefully my boys will have some good runs. And if not, well, at least there's 3G, which means that I can sulk via Facebook status updates!!!


"Kristi can't believe how mean these sheep are"


"Kristi thinks it's weird that Lou has chosen this trial to become grippy"


Technology plus sheepdog trialing. It's a lethal combination. :rolleyes:

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Nursery is all done. Let's just say the sheep did not want to pen!


So there were two runs, and the aggregate of those runs determined the CBCA Nursery Champion. After all the dust settled, Scott Glen and Don were the winners, with Bev Lambert and Esther as reserve, and Kate Broadbent and Salt in third. Then, the top 5 Western Canadian dogs ran back for the WC Nurseries. To run WC, your dog had to have placed in the top half of a nursery trial in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba. Clear as mud?


Anyways, same course, and when that was done, Peter Gonnet and Taff were the winners, with Thad Buckler and Nic as reserve champions. Scott Glen's Don was 3rd and Lee handled my Rex to 4th! Ian Zoerb and Lexie flossed at the pen.


We've run about 20 Open dogs and the rest will run tomorrow. The sheep are being fairly cooperative (except for the pen) but we suspect that as the trial wears on, these sheep are going to get HEAVY. The spotters are just excellent - I've never seen such efficient setting. We're running just under 5.5 dogs/hour, and that's with a 10 minute course.


Lou and I will be running fairly early in the morning. Round 2 will start shortly after the completion of Round 1 tomorrow.

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So we're all done with the Open rounds. The teams that will run back in the double-lift (in no particular order, this is just how I remember it during the calcutta):


Judy Finseth and Maude, Norm Sommers and Jock, Ian Zoerb and Gyp, Dennis Gellings and Jan, Vicki Kidd and Merle, Vickie Close and Gale, Grant Musgrove and Sam, George Stambulic and Gyp, Amanada Milliken and Clive, Bev Lambert and Mirk and Hemp, Nancy Stephens and Ike, Peter Gonnet and Jill, and Scott Glen and Drift.


Lou did some nice things, but our drives were not great, and we had no luck penning either day. Darn our slicy flanks! However, on balance, I was pleased with how he did, especially his fetches (which occassionally are a little wild). Twas interesting how many dogs had trouble moving these ewes, especially as the day wore on and the sheep grew hot/hungry. Can't wait to watch the double-lift tomorrow morning! I bought Ian Zoerb and Gyp in the calcutta so I will be rooting for them!

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The CBCA and Western Canadian champions are Dennis Gellings and Jan. Peter Gonnet and Jill are Reserve. Amanda Milliken and Clive were 3rd and Bev Lambert and Mirk were 4th. The course was 25

minutes and you needed about 12 minutes to complete the international shed, it seemed. There were no pens.


Thanks to Wendy Schmaltz and her team for putting on a fabulous event.


ETA: There was one pen. Bev Lambert and Hemp got their pen.

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