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An Olfactory Miracle

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So, it's been sweltering hot here, and very humid. Around 8:00, night fell and a nice breeze kicked up, so I thought I'd take Buddy for a decent walk. I was walking in the middle of the road, and Buddy was sniffing the roadside. It also happens to be trash night.


I heard a strange little scratching hiss right behind me - you know that sound if you've ever heard it; it's the sound of a lawn sprinkler kicking in, and also the sound of a skunk. I spun around to find a littlish skunk, literally under my feet! I must have let out a gasp, because Buddy heard me, saw the skunk, and came charging, growling and barking.


I think I literally screamed, "Oh, my GOD! No! NO!" as Buddy went after the skunk. They got maybe 4 or 5 feet from me when I was able to pull in Buddy's slack and stop him. The skunk skittered away, hiding under a car.


And no one was sprayed.


It was a tiny, skunky miracle. ::Sigh::


NOTE TO SELF: Buy fresh hydrogen peroxide and make up a skunk survival kit, and store it OUTSIDE, near the hose. Keeping the skunk remedy ingredients inside the house requires me to walk through the house, oozing skunky smell, should I ever get between Buddy and a skunk again on a less lucky day.

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