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Tax deduction for pets

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For service dogs, maybe. But do realize that, as written, it places the medical expenses of pets in a better place than human medical expenses; humans only get to deduct after spending 7% of their income on medical expenses, whereas this bill would have the pooly-defined expenses deductable right way.


I think that, as written, this is bad law and bad policy. Not to say that he isn't onto something here, but it needs a serious rethink & rewrite before I'd call it a good idea. Meanwhile, there are a lot of other places where the same effort might make a much larger difference in the overal state of the nation, economy, and animal welfare.

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Yeah, this is not going to fly. Seems as though an expensive pet year could get you a bigger deduction than you get for a human child - people are not going to buy it. I'd have to spend a LOT of my money on medical bills for myself before they'd let me start to deduct, so letting me deduct for my dog's bills is a big priority shift.



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