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This is Kyla, Kessie's new little sister:




My mum (who claimed not to be a dog person before Kessie went to work on her ) has adopted her from a rescue organisation that pulls BCs from Irish pounds and imports them to Germany for placement. Kyla arrived at home while Kessie and I were on a field trip two weeks ago.


As Kessie and I still live at home, we will spend the evenings as a pack of four from now on. We've just spent a week in Switzerland together (will post pictures of that later) and the two are getting along fine! Kessie the snob has found a dog worth talking to (ie a BC :D ), and Kyla loves to chew on airplane ears :D .


Kyla is supposed to be about a year old, but we suspect she's a little younger than that.

She has obviously not seen much of the world yet, maybe she was kept in a kennel? It took some time to convince her that grass can be peed on... She is constantly looking for food even after a week of stuffing herself on raw meat.

She burps like a pirate (some might say I'd love her for that alone :rolleyes: ), steals whatever isn't nailed down and fights with Kessie on top of anyone who is lying down on the couch :D .


She reminded both of us, independently, of the same animal: which one would you think of? Look here :D


I haven't managed to get any really good pictures of her yet (dark eyes in a black face, above a white neck!). She's actually a tri. There's some dark brown in her face and her neck, but you hardly see it. Her front legs have black spots, and her ears are amazing :D . I'll post some pics of her later.

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Could you tell me the name of the Irish rescue that sent her to you. I work with a good charity in Northern Ireland but we get far more requests to take in dogs than we have spaces so it ould be good to know of another person who could help with the collies.


P.S if anyone in Ireland or England wants to see some of our collies let me know. We have a couple of special eeds dogs that need homes but cant seem to get over here and the boss wont send them to England where they will get them.



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Thanks for all the welcomes .


While Kessie brought me lots of peace and new confidence, Kyla has brought a much-needed burst of life into this house :D . How, indeed, can you have only one?


There's always been room for another BC here, but there's a space in my heart that I can't give to anyone but Kessie. With Kyla being my mum's dog, the space in the house is taken without Kessie losing her special status in my life. Kessie and I will still be alone together for most of the day, though I can imagine taking the little monster along on our hikes once Kessie has stopped worrying about these things.


Anyway, I'm glad that this place in our lives has found its owner. I was aware of it whenever BCs were looking for a home.


Kyla is the owner of the wiggliest butt EVER! :rolleyes:

I don't think she's sure that she's allowed to stay here yet, and she gets a wiggling fit whenever she comes back home. Or when somebody comes back from the toilet, alive and in one piece :D .

She jumps around like a rubber ball, too, when she's happy!


Here's the link to the rescue she came from. The web page is in German, but you could e-mail them at info@bordercollie-rescue.org.

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Sorry ErinKate, posted at the same time. No, I'm not a physics buff (though the astronomical aspects of physics fascinate me as much as geology does), far too much math for me! Those are books in my mum's office. She has a diploma in physics and works as a technical translator among other things. Therefore the physics dictionaries :rolleyes:

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Yes, she is! They're playing tug together now! I've driven down to the office with Kessie so we can take them both out together, and now they're killing my poor old teddy bear that I've had ever since I can remember :eek: . I gave it to Kessie to keep her company when she can't come to university with me. Ok, now they've let it go (phew) and are eating each other :rolleyes:

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Oh, Sandra, Kyla is way too pretty to be a Tasmanian devil - and after all, I have the original Tassie devil in my demon bitch, Kirra. :rolleyes:


Seriously, that is lovely to hear. I'm sure you and your mum will have a lovely time with your two girls. It is fun watching two (or more) together.

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Don't let her fool you! :rolleyes: One of these days I'll be lucky and get a picture of her showing her inner devil. I've got a lot to learn though! There was a time when I thought it was hard to take good pictures of one BC. Two of them, in action, is still a bit much :eek: .

So for now, you get to see the innocent side of her :D ...

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Kessie did enjoy having me to herself this afternoon (listening to Simon&Garfunkel and watching the rain bucketing down) but now it's time to do something about the little devil again before it gets dark!

It's good to have BCs playing together. They both think in curves and circles, whereas Kessie's other friends just run straight lines and get her frustrated. Snob :rolleyes:

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She's fascinated by the cat...but not too fascinated to steal a piece of cheese from under her nose! Cheeky little ****!


Oh well. Time to face The Tripe.

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How wonderful for you all! I was quite content with Celt, didn't want another dog, etc., when Ed arranged to see Megan who needed a new home (against all my objections). Now I couldn't imagine life without her, she and Celt are best friends and playmates, and Ed just loves her dearly (he loves them all but Megan is "his little girl").


As you said about you and Kessie, there's an extra-special place in my heart that is for Celt alone. He is my best-friend-and-partner dog, but I love them all (now including Bute) and they all have their own places in my life and heart.


Another wonderful rescue story! I think a rescued animal always has a special "attitude of gratitude" for things that the pups we purchase and raise sometimes take for granted. I know Megan surely acts that way and seems to express a special joy for life and its little pleasures since she's been with us.


By the way, there appears to be a link for info pages in English for that website, although I haven't gone past the first page of it, which is in English.


Best wishes to you all!

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That's true, the "info pages" are in English! Sorry, I never checked. Germans like to use English words, especially for computer stuff, to make themselves sound more professional ...thought it was one of those.


Originally posted by Zoe:

Does that mean that I have to get another one now....

Nope :rolleyes: ...seriously, I'm still not ready to have a second dog of my own. Kyla's strictly mum's dog. I'm glad to play with her, keep an eye on her (she's not housetrained yet) etc, but she's not allowed on my bed, for example; that's Kessie's place. It's okay because she has a human of her own. A divorced one even :D ...Kyla sleeps in half a double bed of her own. And thinks she's gone to heaven . When she's been out of the house for a while she has to check if the bed is still there.

Somehow I couldn't handle making someone feel like number two, even though I know dogs can take that role and be content in life. But if it was your hubby's dog, for example...doesn't he need a BC?


As for the gratitude of rescues, she has a less extreme version of that than Kessie does (Kessie would NEVER steal for example) but she's so happy all the time .

When you go out of the room she's in for one minute, she'll celebrate your return as if you've been across the south pole on foot, in trainers...

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Sandra, I'm not ready either in many many ways.I was only joking as it seems like I am a minority among all the multiple dog households on the BC boards ! I was suprised when I saw the title of your post. I thought - she's joking right, she must be introducing Kessie's new friend. But then when I saw that she is your Mum's dog, I was kind of relieved Dh is absolutely never ready to have his own dog - it would end up being my responsibility 'cos I'd feel sorry for it ( he'd never give it the attention it would need ), AND he said he'd have a beagle :eek: Maybe my divorced Mother ( snap!) should get a dog.....

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