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thanks all

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well made the trip home with lady-thats what i have decided to name the stray i was having so much trouble with when riding in the car.


she was very scared the whole 200 miles. but she finally did lay down in the crate most of the way.


she really misses my moms house and yard, but she seems to be adjusting fairly well. she and lucy lou have been playing since i got home. i think there are a few issues we will have to iron out, but basically all is going pretty well


even tho the trip was hard on her she is better off here because i know she would have eventually wound up in a shelter somewhere and probably no chance at adoption.


but i felt so bad coming hoome because every time i looked at her she had so much reproach in her eyes.


another dog was thrown out friday nite near my brothers house. it was either a golden lab or retriever. my brother who is a deputy in rapides parish found a home for him with another deputy who already had a chocolate lab. the other man was so excited to have the golden.


because our family owns over 200 acres of land and there is miles of woods we have always had an over supply of strays.


but anyway i wanted to thank everyooone who sent prayers and good thoughts my way.

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BC's are emotionally expressive little buggers aren't they. I get a look of reproach if I won't play ball with her the very instant I get up. The nice thing about this is that they express delirious joy just as easily and often in the same few mintues. Not to worry.


Good luck with Lady.

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