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My 3 border Collies and now a GSD

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For those that don't know I have 3 border collies. 2 females and 1 male. For quite a while the 2 females had many issues fighting all the time and they seemed to not get along very well. We have seemed to work though those earlier spats and now they play and get along very well. They seem to really like each other now and play together constantly.

A friend of my had bought a GSD that is now about 4 months old. It is a female and is solid black. I have wanted a more protective dog around my place and this seems like a good opportunity for me to get what I believe would be a very good guard dog. My friend paid quite a little money for the dog (1200.00) and just wants to give it a good home as she cannot afford to keep it and would just give it to me.

My question is how three female dogs will get along. Am I asking for trouble here? The GSD is still intact. I did bring the GSD home last night. My BC's seem to think it’s OK so far but they do get some what irritated at the GSD because of here puppy attitude and wanting to play with the older dogs all the time. But they seem to except her at least for now. It would be interesting to hear from people with more female dogs and how they handle them and the problems they have acquire. My opinion is a female dog makes for a better pet but I am not sure how compatible BC and GSD are to raise as a family unit.

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I have a border collie (cross) and a pure Rescue GSD and they get a long GREAT! Bella (GSD) is reactive to other dogs, and never had a problem with Psyche, she loved her from the second I brought her home. They're best of buds.


I'd say try a trial period and if the BC females seem to accept her, then that's great and you shouldn't have too many problems, but I am finding with my 2 1/2 year old GSD she's challenging the other dogs a lot now, and it bothers me as she's always picking an argument with the smaller dogs, but we keep it under control.


I've also been told that GSDs don't mature (mentally) until about 3 years old, lol, and so far Bella's staying true to that rule.


I think we have another member here who has a GSD, or a couple of others who do.

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Up until last year we always had two dogs in the house. They were always female, and always significantly separated in age. Never had a serious problem, although once in a while when the pup would get too boisterous, the older dog would put her in her place.

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I have no experience with GSDs, but that said: your "trial" period may be quite long, if that's possible. When I brought my first "bred" border collie (didn't know so at the time...) to my home, I had two mixed breeds (one, male malamute/GSD/something mix, and the other female, no doubt a BC/probably husky-type mix). They were pals, and the newbie was the intruder. Intruder also wanted to be an "only" dog. We had no-blood-drawn but nasty fights every day for a week or two. Then every other day - but continuing. At this point, I thought, maybe this ISN'T going to work. But I really wanted it to. Some management, and some "getting used to" - when the mal/something mix finally passed away, we were down to one fight every six months or so. And it was always the two "older" ones against the newbie.


My point: don't let a week or weekend make your decision for ya. Mine never played together, but tolerance developed - and the fights (never any blood drawn, though I dunno why not...)lessened in intensity.


Best of luck to ya.



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