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My Dog Has... Ants.

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Last few days, Buddy's been acting weird. Like, suddenly jumping up from where he's lying and running toward me, with his tail between his legs. Looking kind of insulted. I thought, "Oh, no. He must have some kind of neurological syndrome that's making him feel twitchy or something."


Only, after looking down a couple times after he darted away, I could see the tiniest little ants crawling around where he'd been lying.


Apparently, they're crawling on him and just annoying the heck out of him.


I've gotta get some ant bait traps or something. I've lived here 6 years and never had this problem before, but it's been a remarkably wet summer here, so who knows?



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Poor Buddy. Ants in his pants. :D





Alaska said:

Best ant traps ever: Terro. Safe around pets too. No need to take my word for it either, as you can read plenty of positively glowing reviews on Amazon. I will forever worship the person who told me about Terro.


Seriously!? I assumed all insect poisen was toxic to dogs. That great news. I have really sandy soil and ants abound in my yard. I know they ride in on Mick from time to time.

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OK! I put some jelly down this morning to be sure these are sweet-eating ants, and indeed they are. So I bought some Terro, and the baits are set. I hate to create doom in the universe of this ant colony, but I can't have Buddy ending up with PTSD because things are crawling on him.


The Terro box does say to keep the baits out of the reach of children and pets - but has no "poison control" information. When I Google the poison (borax), it does indeed say that it's toxic to humans - but I'm wondering if you'd have to eat a lot of it? Another website says it's "not accutely toxic." I'll just hide the baits under some inverted bowls, raised slightly. Buddy will not tip things over; it's great feature to have in a dog. :rolleyes:


Couting the days till I'm ant-free again. Thanks for the tip, Alaska!

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