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The worst happened...

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Well as you all know Bailey is terrible with cars and bikes (chasing them, or rather jumping in front of them... not as bad as he was but I still wouldnt ever trust him around a road!) so as you can imagine him getting out is a huge scare for me, its happened once before and he wandered around his normal walk route... and didnt get killed luckily! Well guess what happened this morning, I thought I'd shut the door properly, I was wrong, so after closing the door I went upstairs and had a shower etc, I come out and look down the stairs and the front door is wide open :eek: , but to my amazment Bailey is just sat on the doorstep watching everything :rolleyes: . He must have been out there for at least 15 mins and he HADNT gone anywhere, he'd stayed on the doorstep and he came straight back in when I called. I could have fainted from shock :D . I'm soooo happy :D:D:D



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At least that sort of thing wakes you up in the morning :rolleyes:


Gotta love that kind of surprises! Big massive YAY for Bailey!!! :D

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I have taught my girls that when we are outside and I have to run in the house to quick grab something they have to sit and stay at the door.


So to my amazement they have turned this into thinking if they are out and I am in they have to sit and stay at the door. When the door didn't get closed tight that's where they were, waiting for mom.


I'm glad it all worked out for Bailey.

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What a nice surprise! if that hadn't happend though - when would ever have trusted him enough to try it on purpose? Now not only will you shut the door very carefully :rolleyes: but he showed you "yes Mom, see, I CAN do it!"!


Way to go Bailey!

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