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This Weekend Was AWESOME!!!

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This weekend on top of it being a 3 day competition weekend. It was also Troy's first all day show. He had show in Standard twice before and Fast once but this was his first time doing everything in one day. Troy is my puppy he is 1.5 years old and is a total Mama Boy. He is jumping 24in right now although he was measure at 21in(He got his first measurement). He would have place in Fast but ran out of the ring so had an instance NQ but he held all of his contact, got his weave first try, broke a little on his start line but had stayed till I was 2 jumps out(which is a lot for a baby dog), and he even got his send/gamble. And in JWW he got 1st place!!! He had tight turns and even drove right into the weave like a pro and waited for me after the last jump. Standard he took out the first 2 jumps but everything else was great.


Cressa got another double Q. Only 2 more to go for national and 11 more for our MACH. She was routinely 4+ second ahead of the 2nd place dog.


And then Cressa was very well behave around a little kid. All in all it was awesome.


Will post videos when I get them.

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