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Need "good surgery" vibes for Maggie

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Well I have a very drunk dog here at home now. :rolleyes: They sent her home as soon as she could wobble around well enough since she freaks when she's kenneled and then I had to give her a dose of metacam when we got home, so she's pretty dopey and probably will be for a while - I think last time she was dopey until about 8-12 hours after the surgery itself.


The vet and techs said she did well and she should be back to most normal activities within 2-5 days, with bone chewing as she's comfortable after that. She has dissolvable sutures in her mouth, so no follow up needed to remove anything. :D


Now, to keep her from staggering around the house instead of relaxing in her comfy crate!

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I feel her pain! I just had oral surgery last week for a tooth that cracked, then abcessed and had to come out. I spent 3 weeks on antibiotics before they could do the surgery and I wanted something to crunch more than you can believe! I was a little loopy after my anethesia too - so here's hoping Maggie is feeling better in no time and crunching away on her bone!

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