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Barker Days 2009 - September 19

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This year the Barker Days - a day when the town of Parker opens the pool for dogs as they're ending the season - will take place on September 19th. I thought it would be a good idea to post this early, in case someone' interested. I will follow up on this post about a week prior to the D date.


Here's more info about this event.


This would be our third year to attend - we had a blast each time before - and last year Laura and Taz came down from Erie for a day of fun in the water and sun.


Amy - please, please, don't tell me you have a frisbee competition that day, again! :rolleyes:


I've been waiting for this event for a year - I even had to make sure a certain photography gig does not interfere with this :D


Here's a link to a set of pictures taken last year - doesn't it look like fun? (Well, only if your dog loves water and doesn't mind a bunch of other dogs enjoying the same activity :D )

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If anyone from the Denver area is interested, tomorrow is D-day. It's between 9 AM -3 PM. I will probably be there around 11.


If you see a dog looking like this : 3914113200_51e5fd2cb3_m.jpg , please come by and say hi to Ouzo :D


I'll be the one with the big white lens stuck to my camera and tending to his fetching needs :rolleyes:

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