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I am Nala's Daddy we had to put here down on ST Pats day this year for cancer in the right rear elbo joint, and we are new to this board and say sincere regrets for anyone who has lost a pet or part of there family. We now are the proud owner's of Emma a BC of 18 wk's old which has filled some of the hole in our hearts on having to put Nala down.


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I'm very sorry you lost your dear companion and wish you the best of luck with your new youngster. The ones that go, leave a big hole in your heart. The ones that come, make their own place in your heart.

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High up in the courts of Heaven today

A little dog-angel waits.

With the other dogs she will not play,

She just sits alone at the Gates.


”For I know my Master will come”, says she,

”And when he comes, he will call for me.”


And her Master far down on the earth below,

As he sits in his easy chair

Forgets sometimes, and he whistles low

For the dog that is not there;


And the little dog-angel cocks her ears

And dreams that her Master's call she hears.


And I know when at length her Master waits

Outside in the dark and cold

For the hand of Death to open the gates

That lead to the Courts of Gold,


The little dog-angel's eager bark

Will comfort his soul while he's still in the dark.


Adapted from a poem by Norah M. Holland, 1870


Via con Dios, Nala.

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Thanks so much for the sympathy, we have her ashes on our windowsill with a little memorial with here favorite Frisbee and toys. I am looking forward to meeting her and other pets etc on the Rainbow Bridge. The worst part of the whole thing is that she walked outside up until the day I had to take her to the vets when her leg just hung hung of her body that morning ,wife was at work and when i told her we had to go to the vets that day when, she came home our life changed in ways we could never imagine. I held her head and looked in her eyes as the life left her broken body and went to a better place. Our vet has clinic dogs that roam in the office and CD the dogs name, stayed right next to us and licked my face when we were spending our last minutes with Nala . http://www.angelfire.com/nh/maddogs/cancer.html Here is a nice site used for dogs who die with cancer Nala is number 27.

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Very sorry to hear that you lost your dear Nala last year. She has left a hole in your heart and memories to fill it with bittersweet remembrance. But Emma has, I am sure, created her own place in your heart and fills your days with joy.

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