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How are all the Awesome rescues doing?

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Well its been a year since the AwesomeBorderCollie raid/rescue and I sure would love to hear from those of you who took in or helped place so many of these dogs.

As for Lulu and Jasmine, they are both living the life of luxury here on our farm spending all their time with me and ThunderBolt.I am happy to say that they both are wonderful girls, I couldn't ask for better temperments and we all are staying very well exercised.

With this oppressive heat we have been experincing the 4 of us spend alot of time swimming( jasmine is quite the little paddler and Lulu never tires of leaping off the dock, of course ThunderBolt likes to sit in about 2 foot deep water and just watch the girls frolick, guess its a male thing but I swear he didn't learn it from me :rolleyes: )

The other 4 Dogs I placed from the Awesome deal are all in great stable homes and having quality lives.

Would love to hear how some of the other boys and girls are doing, so post me an update or even drop me a pm.


( never let a Border Collie see how you make homemade icecream, TBolt will drag my old handcranker out of the shed now every chance he gets and he has about ruined the wooden handle trying to make it do magic

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Hi Ironhorse,


I'm one of the people with an Awesome dog. I went to Southwest and picked up five puppies and an adult one year ago today. I kept one puppy (Repo) and placed the adult (Lucy) and two puppies (Freeman, Balou) locally. The final two puppies (Remy, Reid) were placed through Mo-Kan BC Rescue.


Freeman is living with a positive obed/agility trainer and her family and in training as an agility competition dog. He was born with a fear of strangers, but the owner is working hard and gradually overcoming this.


Balou is living with a business owner and her family on their natural beef farm. He is in training to work on their farm and possibly compete in herding and agility. The owner has recently bought some sheep to practice with.


Lucy is living with a couple that I work with, enjoying her retirement (she's 10) in a small town. She has been introduced to both sheep and agility, but a bit too old to really get involved in either. However, she is still a fetch-aholic and loves meeting people that will throw balls for her.


Repo is the one I kept, and has a beautiful temperament, very sweet and cuddly with everybody he meets. He is ball crazy and also has the type of OCD known as "water freaking"--so is obsessed with paddling and slapping at water. He has been in training for herding, agility, and obedience. He earned all three AHBA Novice titles on sheep at 12 months of age with very high scores, and also has a CGC certificate.


Repo went to his first USBCHA cattle trial in Iowa at 14 months of age, and placed 5th out of 14 in Novice. (My AKC conformation champion placed 2nd). At his first USBCHA sheep trial a few weeks later, Repo placed 2nd in Novice. (AKC conformation champion held sheep to the setout guy--can't win'em all!)


Repo is going in for $2000-$3000 hip surgery in the coming week. I'm posting about that on a different thread about "unilateral hip dysplasia." He's worth every penny I spend on it.


Thanks, Ironhorse, for precipitating the rescue of these great dogs!



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