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Bruising after neutering??


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Jax was neutered last tuesday (4 days ago). Everything went very well and his incision looks great. He does have a purple spot which looks like a bruise next to where the incision was made. It appeared two days ago and has not gone away. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Is this a bruise as I suspect? I am keeping him inactive (which is nearly impossible) so its not like that has caused issues.




Thanks for the help!

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From personal experience, I know that sometimes an injury (bruising) in one location may result in some of the blood leakage in the tissues "migrating" with gravity to a lower location. Hopefully, that is all that this is for your dog. A good photo might help, and perhaps a call to the vet (you could email him/her the photo) to set your mind at ease.


Best wishes!

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