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How to win at every trial

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Some of you might disagree...........



How to win at every trial

1. Never enter a trial

2. Set up a trial course at your place.

3. Run your dogs every day

4. Invite a friend (friends) over and work your dogs and share information with each other and have a fun day for you and your dogs.

5. Attend clinics as a spectator. This will save money and you could attain a great deal of information.




1. You do not have to pay entrance fees

2. You save time and gas

3. You do not have to deal with narcissistic dog owners

4. When you do not win you do not have to blame your dog, sun wasn't right, or you got the worst sheep etc. (Maybe it was your fault?)

5. So you see you can win at every trial.....at your place

6. Last but not least, your dog will love you for your effort on his behalf.


The only true competition is the competition with yourself.


William F. McDermott

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