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OT: Celtic Fest (and Bob Dunsire)

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One of the performers at the Orange County (CA) Celtic Festival on November 18 is a piper named Eric Rigler. Back in his competitive days, IIRC, Eric won every solo piping competition he entered here and in Scotland. He was the piper at President Reagan's funeral. And of course he's Hollywood's go-to man with the pipes :cool: Just a fantastic musician.


A year or so ago, when I found out that Bob Dunsire had the best piping site on the web, I emailed Bob to say that I'd been at a Burns Birthday Bash at a home in L.A. when Eric piped in the haggis. It was 15-20 minutes of the most incredible piping I ever expect to hear. And Bob wrote back: "It is a small world Luisa, Eric is a great guy, very talented, and just all round nice.. My wife Diana used to play in Eric's band (she's the family drummer) - his LA Police P.B. in the mid 90s."


So I think I'll drive down to Irvine tomorrow to honor Bob's memory, indulge my Celtic shopping jones and visit with the OC cousins as we listen to the bagpipes. It's quite cool how shared interests and passions for music, good dogs and such can form all sorts of links to connect us across space and time. Small world...


[Also at the Festival is the great Irish fiddle player Liz Carroll, one of my all-time favorite musicians. Here is a sound sample (Real Audio needed). Nothing rocks like a good Irish fiddle.]

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Did they have sheepherding demos there? I used to do a lot of sheepherding demos at all the Celtic Festivals and Highland Games in So CA. I've since moved to Idaho and they only have one Festival here that I know of and of course it wont' be till next year now. John McLean Allan is another very good piper whom I've seen a lot. I love the bagpipes. My cell phone ringer is Scotland the Brave and my boss asked me yesterday if I liked bagpipes because my phone rang..LOL


Joan (Clan Little)

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