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I love reading about all the cool things your BC's do, so I thought I'd share about my girl...


We consider our 8-yr-old BC, Jo, to be left of center on the "smart" bell curve. She is as sweet, gentle, and loving as can be, but isn't the sharpest tool in the BC shed. However, she does do one thing that quite impresses us:


We live in a gated community in which guests must use the phone at the gate to call us for access. The call rings our home phone number, the guests announce who they are, I respond to them, "OK, I'll let you in", and then I press "9" on our phone to remotely open the gate. I've noticed that Jo knows the difference between a regular phone call and a call coming from a guest at the gate. As soon as I say the words, "OK, I'll let you in," Jo goes crazy barking, racing back and forth between me and the window that faces the driveway. What I find most amazing about this, though, is that it takes the guest at least 5 minutes to drive from the gate to our house. Despite this long delay, Jo has still made the connection between the words I say into the phone and that a guest is arriving 5 minutes later.


I'd love to hear more stories about the amazing things your BC's do.

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