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Well, my dear friend was asking me if I wanted to adopt a 2.5 year old Border Collie.

He is FCI registrated and my friend owned his father, which was imported to Iceland some years ago, but unfurtunately he past away early this year.

Now the people who owns him now have to find a new home for him.

He is beautiful handsome dog, and with a heart of gold.

Well I am getting really excited, but of course I have to think about my other dogs.

He is not used to be around other dogs, and I have already 3 females at home, two of them are so much smaller than he is.

They have also not been very much around male dogs, so my concerns are if it would work out or maybe our home would be one stress panic phsyco instituition before I know..


I have no concerns for Ugla, she loves every dog she sees, but one issue...her ball is off limit.

You see, this is her ball, not others to play with :rolleyes:


I feel I´m ready for another dog, specially because this one has been trained, and is housebroken of course, so it´s not like taking a puppy.

And there is perfect balance now, Ugla is so easy, everything we do I think I am enjoying even more then she is.

She is 19 months old and the others are 4 and 5 years old.


What do you think?

I have never taken an adult dog before, so I have no clue what I´m getting into.

Maybe someone with experience who can tell me this will be ok, and go for it :D

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Well, it's obviously a personal decision only you can make. But, both of my dogs came to me as adults (2 years old and 1 year old) and they have been amazing. Both were already housetrained, none of the puppy madness to go through. And they bonded with me and fit into the household just fine. As far as Ugla's ball issues, you can work through that. My dog Jun tends to be very possessive and at first would steal chews/toys right out of Lok's mouth! With vigilance and enforcement of the rule that she is not allowed to take anything from other dogs, she now rarely even tries.

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