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O/T - but someone may find this interesting

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A few months back, I had a brief convo on this board with a lady who seemed to be interested in the conducting classes held during Orkney's "St. Magnus Festival". Unfortunately, I can't remember who it was :eek:


Anyway, the Festival program has just been issued. This year, it runs from 16 - 21 June 2006, and the "supervising" conductor is Martyn Brabbins. The course lasts 10 days and offers an orchestra (BBC Philharmonic), two piano soloists, and an ensemble.


Sessions cost ?2 sterling ($3.48 at today's exchange rate) each, payable at the door.


If my earlier correspondent reads this, she can get in touch and I'll forward what little info I have.


This Festival is becoming increasingly popular world-wide, and arrangements will have to be made FAST.



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